Before the treatment

If you have never received a colonic hydrotherapy treatment before, we strongly recommend a course of 6 treatments. Initial treatments can vary dramatically, however it is common for the first treatment to be more about hydrating the colon rather than eliminating impacted faecal matter. For best results we would advise not eating a couple of hours before the treatment and going to the toilet beforehand.

During the treatment

Your colonic treatment will begin with a consultation to determine your lifestyle habits, elimination regularity and desired outcomes. Clients then lie on a couch with their head resting on a comfortable pillow and are allowed to relax whilst a small single use speculum is lubricated and then carefully inserted into the bowel through the rectum. Pure filtered water is then passed through the colon at a safe and controllable rate through a water pipe. Waste in the form of faecal matter and water silently flows down and out the waste pipe. The process is all very natural and nearly every client absolutely loves watching the unnecessary toxins and waste leave the body forever, knowing that their health and wellbeing is improving. Your therapist may vary the temperature of the water and use abdominal massages during the treatment to improve the breakdown and elimination of waste. All equipment used is disposable, used only once and hygienically prepared just before your treatment to ensure 100% cleanliness throughout your colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

Aftercare Advice

It is very normal to feel lighter, brighter and more refreshed and energised. At least a few pounds of waste will have left the body. Your body will have absorbed a lot of water so you may notice an increased need to urinate, which is a good sign as your body will be fully hydrated and flushed of toxins. To continue the treatment with a good water intake to continue the detoxification process. Occasionally results may mean clients experience a headache or feelings of mild illness. Although not pleasant, this is a good sign that negative toxins are being removed by the colonic hydrotherapy. Headaches are a sign toxins have come to the surface ready to leave the body and so continue to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and toxic foods and book in for your next colonic treatment as soon as you can to further remove toxins. Following a course of 6 colonic hydrotherapy treatments your bowel will be functioning at optimum and you will be glowing with health from the inside

The Simplicity and Ease of Gravity:
The Gravity Method is the original method of colon therapy. The body is more receptive to the gentle flow of water via natural means

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